M. E. Wise was born in Oklahoma City and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. Moe started his focus on art very young and was greatly inspired by comic art and anime cartooning. After graduating highschool, volunteering for the military, and later returning to college, Wise found maturity in the old classical styles of the renaissance and began honing a new set of skills to compliment the fluidity of action art. As with the phrase, 'a picture is worth a thousand words', a desire to write poetry and stories about the scenes and depictions within his artistic worldview became a consistent theme in the creative process.


Wise not only studied art history and the critiquing of it but had minor interests in Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. These subjects began to inform the direction of the artists' message and led to a natural transition into writing on a much deeper level. 

Currently, Wise's literary works and related art focus on Science Fiction, Suspense, and Poetry. The culmination of art and writing combined has brought him great joy. He happily shares that expression in his books and artwork available through his Folk Utopia studio. Prints and much more are available through, books and other literature can be found through 

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