• M. E. Wise

Appearing at the Oklahoma Book Festival 9/21/2019

Dearest Echo! Folk Utopia is going to be live at the Oklahoma Book Festival on September 21, 2019 from 9AM until 5PM.

Come meet the artist and author, ask questions, purchase works available at the booth and don't forget to get them signed!

Copies of books will be available. For those who've already purchased books and would like them signed, bring them to the booth and that can happen. Just follow the rules of the event and only bring one copy of each title.

Some featured prints will be on sale, as well as some small collectible items. Supplies are limited so hurry, hurry, hurry. These items can also be signed! The same rules apply to art that you have purchased before this event. One copy, one signature.

Follow M E Wise on Facebook for links to the event and click on whether you're coming or thinking about it. You can also follow Folk Utopia

on Facebook to explore more art and links to the event. And also a special shout out to my daughter who shot my pictures for this event! Follow her or book a shoot at Jordyn Kemp Photography. Hope to hear from you at the festival!


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