• M. E. Wise

The Upgrade

I guess it has always been leading to this.

The Upgrade.

We took a swing at a website years ago and the entire ordeal was unmanageable. Hopefully this time around all of the advancements and widgets will make life easier. I will keep this post short and sweet; important dates and significant posts will most likely all link back to this website from now on. We are all hoping that this setup is a much smoother experience than the plethora of social sites that were becoming excessive to manage. Those sites are fine and can be fun but they have a tendency to distract away from the goal. That goal is to get my work to the people who want it or those who didn't know they did!

I'm sure the gallery will grow. Those familiar with my work know that I keep busy and that there is a large backlog of paintings, drawings, sculpture, literature-you name it. Until then enjoy the sparkling new look and let me know if you find bugs or broken links. Mw


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