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In the telling of Mor'h, the first child of the stars, so labeled, was not from Sol but that first child born of the stars from Earth on Luna, lived his life on Mor'h, alien to all that was home to him. 

Reign's life is forfeit by design. His goals are crafted carefully to be the goals of many nations, many worlds. His mission, preserve all that he knows to be true, advance those ideals as they reveal to be half-truths. The future of the galaxy and his people weigh heavily on his shoulders and his beliefs. 

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The family of the white tower have adapted to life with the Mor'h. Though alien to most aspects of their world, their children and lives have mirrored much of the life in the Sol system. Sol has not forgotten the control the Mortaliens have forced upon them, and some have found a way to close the vast distance in space to make them pay.

2020 Compendium CV 2 Panel Paint IN B W


What would happen if mythological beings were reborn? What if those beings lost to the void and time came back to claim worlds that abandoned them? 

All nine short stories that build The Witness realm are here in this anthology! Like The Witness : Compendium art book, this volume contains all the horrific and suspenseful happenings that shaped the world times over in print form. Each tale chronicles the survival and fate of the unfortunate victims of a world that has drawn the attention of greater beings; the Abyssinians. Inspired by horror icon H.P. Lovecraft, director Ridley Scott, and the art of H. R. Giger and Hieronymus Bosch; author and artist M. E. Wise brings fear to life.

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Angel Suraci and Susagep Patel  have lived most of their young lives among the clouds as Airborn, children of the flotilla SkyCore. Beneath them lay a world shrouded in thick cloud and remnants of an age left behind in the Dawning. They have been taught no one lives below, no one leaves the flotilla but to scavenge. Their lives are devoted to their roles and preservation of the core. Yet Angel and Sue both want more than the sky has to offer.  

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