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"I don't know why I do the things I do, just that it's relentless and absolutely necessary." 

Artist and Author M. E. Wise is enigmatic and poignant, defining his work in a veil of simplicity that cannot deny it's complexity. From canvas to the digital domain his work is an eclectic collection of exploration into how we tick. The we being us, humans of all walks of life both futuristic and feral. The tick an ever spiraling and discerning look inside the nature of humankind. 

"Selfishly I want to understand myself. I think that's a common theme in all of us. We look to validate ourselves in what we know of others. For me I create characters that have a valid place to question things around them. I delve as deep as I can until I take them apart. Again selfishly asking difficult things of them. Honestly, I'm no different in my personal life. I think that's damning!" 

M. E. Wise ignores genre lines and goes where the creativity leads. 

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