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Falseland Fantasy, 2022

That's right! Something new this way comes!

Nearly five years ago, or maybe more, I'm getting old; my partner challenged me to write a story about dragons. I accepted but needed a solid direction.

Falseland Fantasy in the beginning existed as a list of concepts. A plethora of things I liked most about the fantasy genre and the many sub-genres that splintered around it. It took years to develop the structure that would support what I wanted to include. The dust on that shelf seemed so daunting but out of the blue I found inspiration in a history book about a factory that struggled to define its purpose. I honestly have no more reference than my memory unfortunately. It was just one of those things you read to fall asleep but it lay the groundwork for me to apply many layers to something so richly available in fantasy fandom.

Without too many grave spoilers as the rough draft is still simmering before the final boil, Falseland Fantasy is set in a period of transition from people living off the land, full of superstitions, to a city-state of think tank minded colleges ruled by a burgeoning military state. This is all new to most of the population which is only further complicated by new rules of law and the ways to make those rules apply. Old ways of life that have worked are challenged by the new sciences, forcing practitioners to adapt or lose credibility. Therein lies the beginning of the story, the father of one of these old arts seeks to prove his study still valid.

This educator has grown tired and paranoid of doubt. He enlists a younger generation to join him in his proofs, to lessen the load and spread out culpability, at first. But as the story carries on, the rag-tag group of opposing schools find a camaraderie that begins to look a lot like family. No sooner do they find this most valuable commodity than the ventures to find these even more lucrative proofs turn the world upside down.

In the struggle for validation by any means necessary often changes the way we see ourselves in lieu of the potential success and failure. Even more often, the world in competition doesn't always want to be left out of that potentiality. When the tide turns on their discoveries, realms of literal opportunity open up to pollute any happiness or gain.

Come 2022, the dates will begin revealing themselves, products will become available, and I will once again start the promotional climb. Please, journey with me again into the Falseland Fantasy in the near future. But if you're waiting with baited breath, take part in the many adventures I have available on the site today.

Thank you for the much appreciated support;


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