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Lost on the net? Welcome to Folk Utopia!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Accidentally discover us? Fantastic luck. Deliberately found us? Great choice!

Welcome to the domain of art and words!

“I just want to leave 2020 behind like a jilted lover.”

Folk Utopia has needed a makeover for some time now. No time like the present (IE, I've been working on it for a while now!)

Having arrived beyond the year to end all years, currently, change is priority.

We want to welcome the new year and new folks with a sincere thank you! For those who've kept up with the works of M. E. Wise and contributed to the life blood of Folk Utopia much love is needed. You're an amazing bunch of readers, collectors and supporters of the arts and entertainment. Thank you. That guy in the photo couldn't do it without you.


Same art with new additions arriving all the time. Books by M. E. Wise may be driving most of the developed artwork but the classic drawing and paintings are still available upon request if not already listed on Redbubble or Amazon for print. All art by Moe is from the studio. Having founded the studio nearly 15 years ago, he has no plans to work under another name for that promotion.


M. E. Wise and FOLK UTOPIA were not ignored by the still ongoing modern plague. We're not alone in suffering a great many setbacks and the postponing of our plans. But we are making plans and continuing on with development of new books and artwork to support them for when the world is back to normal or we will adapt to a new normal! One of the newest projects was inspired while passenger in an airplane during this very strange time. Everison is set to bring M. E. Wise and FOLK UTOPIA to new audiences as it will be available through B&N instead of Amazon exclusively.

Stay Inspired, Engaged, And Hopeful

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17 de jan. de 2021

This works now! Eureka!

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