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My favorite book fairs

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Are usually the ones I'm involved with!

We are hoping that the COVID pandemic will let life return to normal some time in 2021. If it doesn't we will work out some way to communicate special offers and deals. Should you have trouble navigating anything on the site or supporting social media for Folk Utopia, please message and someone will get back to you soon.

“The 2019 Oklahoma Book Fair was a lot of fun."

Enter 2020 all smiles and then like it rained away the beginning of the 2019 fair, COVID asked the rain to hold it's beer.

Future Events

Folk Utopia will travel. At least I want to travel to future events. When guidelines begin to change and states begin loosening up on what is safe, Folk Utopia and M. E. Wise will happily venture out to open booths at available fairs and events. We can't do all of them yet, but before COVID we were lined up for comic cons and a few other events. Nothing sucks more than allocating budgets to things that get cancelled or fall through beyond our control. We really enjoy making new contacts and meeting people face to face.

Even as disappointing as 2020 was, seeing healthy people is more important to us. For families and friends affected in the worst possible ways, we love you and our hearts are with you.

In closing my favorite book fair is right here on the new site! I genuinely hope Folk Utopia makes your reading list or some of the art inspires you to support us. Please email directly for more information or comment to encourage future work. We are usually available on Facebook, Youtube and a few other social media platforms-so message away! Mw

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